We have many used parts in stock.

Low mileage engines, turbos, gearboxes, drivetrain parts, interior parts, etc.
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below a small selection of parts we have in stock
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Images are indications only and products may vary from images shown.
On request we can send pictures of the actual product before purchase.

All used electronic products are tested and fully functional.
Body parts are undamaged, unless stated otherwise.

Used parts do not come with warranty and can not be returned or refunded !

Engines and transmissions come with a 3 month/7500km warranty when installed by DTA-motorsport.

350Z 6-speed transmission

Used 350Z transmission, 6-speed

In good condition

Price: 650 EUR

300ZX turbos, GARRETT TB22

Used Stock turbos, low mileage

1 set
Exh: AR 0.63 (for manual transmission)

1 set
Exh: AR 0.54 (for automaticl transmission)

Price: 275 EUR (set)
Excl. wastegate actuators

Also available:
used compressor/turbine housings, wastegate actuators,etc.

350Z Brembo Brakes

Used rear calipers (Brembo)
price: 400 EUR (L+R)

Used rotors (rear)
price: 250 EUR (L+R)

300ZX Engine control unit
Stock ECU for automatic Twinturbo. Can also be used for manual TT's.

Price: 275 EUR

Socketed ECU, with DTA high performance chip

Price: 399 EUR

300ZX Power transistor unit (Type 1)

Power transistor unit (Type 1)

tested and in working condition

Price: 75 EUR

300ZX Ignition coils

Ignition coils

tested and in working condition

Price: 20 EUR (each)

set of 6 coils: 100 EUR

350Z Ignition coils

Ignition coils

tested and in working condition

Price: 30 EUR (each)

set of 6 coils: 150 EUR

300ZX Crank angle sensor

Z32 Crank angle sensor

tested and in working condition

Price: 125 EUR

300ZX/350Z Alternator

Used alternator

tested and in working condition

Price: 150 EUR

300ZX Starter


Price: 100 EUR

300ZX Rear brake light

Rear brake light

Price: 75 EUR

300ZX Dashboard

Currently in stock:

1 x LHD Dashboard, color: dark grey

Price: 200 EUR (each)

300ZX Tool set

Stock tool set

Price: 40 EUR

300ZX Door (2+2 only)

2+2 Door complete with window.
not included: door card, mirror, lock/handle
both left and right hand doors available.

Price: 265 EUR (each)

300ZX/350Z Front bumper

350Z and 300ZX twinturbo bumpers are available

Price: 200 EUR